About Pequod Co.
2020 -
Pequod Co. is a contemporary art gallery based in Mexico City.

Presently, it is committed to working with a group of artists from two adjacent generations that constructed their practice from within the powerful and vibrant Mexican ecosystem.

A the same time, it fosters conversations with other artists of mid and consolidated careers whose participation is coherent with the gallery program.

It actively supports their discourses and methodologies through the production and promotion of exhibitions, while developing site specific projects, publications and curated shows. It gets involved with the national and international circuit through open dialogue, working as a node between radical, relevant, and current statements, and collectors, curators, international institutions and a thought selection of art fairs.

Born during the COVID-19 era as the result of founders María and Mau’s involvement and relationships with artists for several years, Pequod Co. is constantly navigating between local and global practices, while adapting to the needs of its artists amidst the world we are living in and that changes quickly.

Currently the program is divided in three nuclei:
- Shows at our space
- Pequod Presents: a virtual platform on our website and social networks that completely adapts to each artist
- Annual exhibitions commissioned to an external curator at our gallery

Artists represented have had significant impact on their generation and hold international presence through activities such as, having developed artist-run spaces, their research at renown MFAs, presence in global collections and institutions and links with fundamental entities for the art world.
Lancaster 29, Juárez, CDMX, México, 06600

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Thursday, 11:00 - 17:00 hrs.
Friday and Saturday, 11:00 - 14:00 hrs.

General inquiries:

Mau Galguera & María García Sainz

Mau Galguera

Diana Mariani
Registrar, operations and production

Carlota Mertz

Montserrat Pazos
Gallery Manager

Federico Ruiz

We do not accept dossiers or works without previous request. Thank you.
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