Estación Material, Vol. 1
Cristóbal Gracia
10/28/2021 - 10/31/2021
About the Fair

Pequod Co. presented a solo project by Cristóbal Gracia for Estación Material Guadalajara, 2021.

The booth was a collaboration between José Noé Suro and Cristóbal Gracia.

The artist reflects on the way in which, in his practice, producers and their working formats are mixed. At the same time, it aims to show the processes of collaboration with Cerámica Suro, an entity that has been key to the artistic community’s production for decades.

The project includes a monumental work that is both a monstrous grotta and an entrance to the gallery space.

Within it, the ceramics factory, acting literally and symbolically as a gigantic machine, will be producing a group of sculptural editions of some of the characters that appear in the recent (and not so much) body of work of Gracia, for and after the duration of the fair.

Exhibited Works
Cristóbal Gracia
Ghillie. La obra es su misma predecesora, por lo tanto la anterior ya no es anterior sino presente
Variable dimensions; 12 artworks
Cristóbal Gracia
Grotta Grande
Ceramic tile mural
96.85 x 101.18 x 5.91 inches
Install Shots