Estación Material, Vol. 2
Javier Barrios, Yolanda Ceballos, Leo Marz, Renata Petersen, Andrew Roberts and Joaquín Segura
11/10/2022 - 11/13/2022
About the Fair

For the second edition of Estación Material, Pequod Co. returns to Cerámica Suro in Guadalajara, Jalisco, with a selection of recent work by six artists from the gallery’s program.

Repetition #4/25 by Yolanda Ceballos is a central piece of the artist's recent body of work. It consists of a sculpture in concrete and steel that has a complex system of circulation of water, smoke and lighting, which recreates a specific day relevant to the artist, and which symbolically displaces a series of climatic conditions in Glasgow, Scotland (where Ce- ballos lives) wherever the work is presented.

No Title, by Andrew Roberts, is a previously unpublished pencil drawing depicting the artist's early exercises ahead of his second solo show at Pequod in April 2023. For the show, Roberts will develop a series of pieces themed around sea creatures and monsters. This is a project that gives continuity to the artist's implicit interests in the work that was present- ed this year at the Whitney Biennial in New York, which stand out the impact of contemporaneity and the media in the social and natural ecosystem, the normalization of violence through television culture and video games, and the use of new media.

Javier Barrios and Leo Marz present carefully chosen oil paintings for the fair, both produced this year, while Renata Petersen shows a series of vases that were featured in her first solo show at the gallery this year, entitled Teópolis.

Finally, Joaquín Segura presents Cancelaciones y encubiertas #4, a hand woven tapestry at the iconic Taller Mexicano de Gobelinos, located in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The focus that Segura's work has on the aesthetics and contents of archives and documents of failed regimes and political systems is displayed through the representation, in this piece, of one of the edited pages of a CIA document from 1987 that addresses the political climate in Chile within the context of the Pinochet regime.

Exhibited Works
Javier Barrios
Dios desollado 1
Oil on Canvas
22.83 h x 17.71w in
Yolanda Ceballos
Repetición #4/25 (08/02/2021, 25.63455 N, 100.371229 W)
Concrete, steel, neon light, rain and fog mechanisms, Arduino
Variable dimensions
Leo Marz
What are you, Darling? Where is your Costume?
Oil on Canvas
47.24h x 32.38w in
Renata Petersen
Glazed Pottery
29.53h x 13.78w x 13.78d in
Renata Petersen
Escaping Polygamy
Glazed ceramic
21.65h x 9.06w x 9.06d cm
Andrew Roberts
Sin título
Colored Pencil on Cotton Paper
40.94h x 31.49w in
Joaquín Segura
Cancelaciones y encubrimientos #4
Hand Woven Gobelin
86.61 h x 62.99w in
Install Shots